VFA Atlas

How can we help users explore the cities, companies, and fellows of Venture for America?

Venture for America | March 2015 – May 2015
User Research | User Experience Design | Illustrator


One of my favorite early projects I worked on during my internship with Venture for America was Atlas, a better way for potential fellows and partner companies to explore VFA's existing cities, fellows, and companies. My role was to develop wireframes/mockups as the project was researched and fleshed out. I have included an example form each stage of my process for Atlas, going from a rough sketch to a mockup.


During the initial meeting, I made some very rough sketches to explore possibilities for what was being discussed. Having these served as an initial way to gather some feedback as well as reminders of the details of the meeting that I could fall back on later.

Sketch made during initial planning meeting
A rough sketch of Atlas

After the meeting concluded, I used my notes and the feedback from the first sketch to create several more refined sketches detailing the possible things that Atlas would be able to do, and multiple options for how it could do it. These were fast to draw and allowed me to provide options which the rest of the team could use to determine which direction the project would take.

Refined sketches
Selected refined sketches of Atlas

Once some features had been settled on, I used Illustrator to produce wireframes. By including as little visual detail as possible, I could communicate the layout of Atlas without sinking too much time into it, which helped speed the project along.

Wireframes of Atlas

Finally, I incorporated feedback on the wireframes and used VFA's style guide to create the final mockup of Atlas, which the developer then used to create a live prototype. Having the style guide helped to limit my visual design choices, which allowed me to produce the complete mockups much faster than I would have otherwise.

Final mockup of Atlas
Final mockup

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