2022 in Review


2022 in Review

tl;dr: See the published date? See the title? Yeah, the last 12 months pretty much kicked my teeth in.

Thankfully, we seem to be out of the wilderness (please don't punish me for saying that, universe).

Okay, so what happened in 2022?

Honestly I remember so little that I had to sit down with my wife to figure out the little that's listed here:

  • Visited Savannah, Georgia for the first time! Loved it!
  • Visited my wife's grandparents so they could spend some time with their great-grandson.
  • Dog- and house-sat for my in-laws while they went to Italy. We would have gone, but it was before COVID vaccines were available for small children.
  • Speaking of which: we finally got our son vaccinated against COVID, which involved way more work than it should have (seriously, had to go to a different county)
  • We began to figure out how to be parents.
  • We learned that Uppa Baby strollers are incredible (but nothing is worth that price tag, we got a steeeeeeeeeeep discount by buying used)
  • Lots of other parenting stuff that I should have kept track of but was too busy figuring out how to be a dad to keep track of.
  • Work continued to happen, and I realized just how much I used to work long days.
  • Began to think about a home renovation for early 2023. This was a mistake.